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We're accelerating the delivery of treatments and cures.

Grants at a Glance

凯时手机版appMDA’s research program awards grants to the world’s best scientists investigating promising theories and therapies that may accelerate treatments and cures for families living with muscular dystrophy, ALS and related neuromuscular diseases.

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Research Across Diseases

凯时手机版appAs part of MDA's basic research program, the grants we fund focus on advancing basic science and generating ideas for potential drug therapies through projects initiated by the researchers themselves. Through the projects they fund we will learn more about the processes that drive neuromuscular diseases. We’ll identify, validate and optimize biological targets at which to aim future therapies. We’ll test potential therapeutic strategies, develop drug development tools and make other advances that will help pave the way to more clinical trials.

Twice a year, grant applications are reviewed by MDA’s Research Advisory Committee which recommends the best projects for approval. Funding is approved by MDA’s Board of Directors.

Grants at a Glance Archive

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